Spotify To Suspend All Political Ads In 2020

With the upcoming presidential election and media companies coming under fire for their choices regarding the handling of political issues, Spotify has decided to play it safe by suspending all political ads. ... Read More

Deadmau5 Addresses Recent Insensitive Tweets

Known for his brash and unapologetic persona often flaming other EDM producers via Twitter, Deadmau5 (born Joel Zimmerman) has recently been accused of transphobia and homophobia, as well as calling another pro... Read More

A Zedd & Rezz Collaboration May Be In The Works

What started out as a joke may soon become reality as the possibility of a Zedd and Rezz collaboration is peaking the interest of their domestic and international fan base. Zedd recently posted a video to Tw... Read More

Zedd and Selena Taste Marshmello

In a matter of three short months, producer Marshmello has made his way to the top of the musical food chain with one hit after another. In terms of numbers, the grocer (according to soundlcoud) has racked up 5... Read More