Photo: Danilo Lauria

Rihanna Is The Most Followed Female On Twitter

The latest in an ever expanding list of career highs, this week Rihanna has surpassed Katy Perry as the most-followed woman on Twitter.

With 16,000+ social media-based fans separating the two superstar artists, according to SocialBlade, Rihanna has secured 108,278,326 followers to Perry’s 108,261,949 with both women within striking distance of Justin Bieber, the third-most followed man on the service with113,156,831. Further down the social media list sits Taylor Swift at #7 with 92,000,000+ million followers and Lady Gaga rounding out top 10 with just under 85,000,000.

While not musicians, the second-most followed man on Twitter is former president, Barack Obama, with slightly less than 133,000,000, and Twitter owner Elon Musk leading the pack with 134,000,000+ followers.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Jørund F Pedersen