Photo: Lunchbox LP - Romeo Santos en Acceso Total

Romeo Santos + Justin Timberlake Drop ‘Sin Fin’: Look + Listen

From the King of Bachata’s just-released Formula Vol. 3 full length, Romeo Santos has teamed up with Justin Timberlake for the new song ‘Sin Fin.’

Accompanied by the Emil Nava-directed visual, Timberlake sings in both English and Spanish along with the chorus “You already know this love is all yours baby/So, take it.” “We’ve been here before/It’s strong enough to save us.”

In a recent interview Santos told Billboard that he spent a year attempting to recruit Justin to record together as the Latin heart throb had previously rerecorded a rendition of ‘NSync’s “Gone” while a member of Aventura.

When the two superstar musicians finally went into the studio, “He said, ‘I dig this.’ What I respect about JT is he not only recorded his vocals but he turned that song that now I feel was at 30 percent into something completely different for the better. He changed the melody, the lyrics; he wrote, he produced. There was a moment where I was at the studio and he was directing my guitarist. To me, that was surreal: JT is producing a bachata,” Santos stated.

In addition to J.T,, the Formula Vol. 3 album features such notables as Rosalía, Christian Nodal, El Lápiz Consciente and more. 

“I’ve never been afraid to experiment with bachata. I’ve always been able to create ideas that aren’t the norm, unorthodox,” Santos told Rolling Stone . “There are some music proposals that people are going to be shocked to hear, because I’ve never done them before, with artists that clearly are icons.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Lunchbox LP – Romeo Santos en Acceso Total