Photo: I DARE U JK

Jungkook Releases Guetta + MK Mixes: Look + Listen

BTS-member Jungkook has dropped a David Guetta remix of his solo single ‘Seven’ featuring Latto.

In addition to ‘Seven,’ deejay/producer Marc Kinchen (aka MK) has weaved his house music remix magic around ‘3D (feat. Jack Harlow,)

Not the only superstar involved with Jungkook’s debut solo LP, it was recently confirmed that Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes have also contributed to the Korean pop star’s first full length. Sheeran is listed as a songwriter on ‘Yes or No’, Mendes worked on ‘Hate You,’ DJ Snake is on ‘Please Don’t Change,’ Major Lazer appears on ‘Closer to You’ and additional tracks include ‘Somebody’, ‘Shot Glass of Tears’ and ‘Too Sad to Dance’.

In a statement about Jungkook’s forthcoming fukll length, Big Hit Music said: “As the new album ‘Golden’ is based on Jungkook’s ‘golden moment’, Jungkook put his heart and soul into the production, including personally selecting all the songs to be included in the new album.”

In support of his album, the K-Pop musician (born Jeon Jung-kook) announced the ‘Golden Live On Stage’ event on November 20 at Jangchung Arena in Seoul

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: I DARE U JK