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Ed Sheeran Joins Russ In ‘Are You Are Entertained’ Video: Look + Listen

English-born rapper star Russ has released his music video for “Are You Entertained” featuring Ed Sheeran.

With cameos by Brenda Edwards and Tom Felton, the visual was originally meant to be directed by British music mogul Jamal Edwards, who died in February. And in a length Instagram post Sheeran shared the story behind the video:

“I was a fan so we just sat and ate pasta and drink wine together.” “A few days later I sent him the rough idea for this song, the same day he emailed me back with it finished, which I loved. He said we should do a video, so I hit up @jamaledwards, knowing that he would create something incredible for us. Jamal then planned it out for the next couple of months, sending me locations, ideas, cameos, trying to make it the best video any of us could make.” “We were meant to shoot in February, but the day before Russ flew out, Jamal tragically died. Our whole world was upside down, and I had to cancel and just tell Russ it wasn’t happening, but he was so so understanding, to a level I’ll never forget.”

Given the unforeseen circumstances both British musicians agreed to retain Jake Nava as the director. “I felt so sad on the day, but very proud,” Sheeran recalled. “I wish Jam was here to see it, I wish we’d done it together, but he would be buzzing how all his people came together and brought his vision to life.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Lunchbox LP