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Billie Eilish Hosts + Sings On Saturday Night Live: Look + Listen

Making history by being the show’s first host to be born in the 21st century, Billie Eilish brought down the house during this week’s Saturday Night Live

Pulling double duty as both the host and musical guest on last night’s (12.11) episode of the NBC sketch comedy show, the seven-time Grammy winner kicked off the night dressed as “Mrs. Claus going to the club” for her opening monologue.

Now 19 and celebrating her last week as a teenager, Eilish stated: “Some people wonder why I started wearing baggy clothes. There was actually a good reason.” “So it wasn’t just for comfort, or for style. This is hard to say for me, but the real reason I wore big oversized clothes back then is, I was actually two kids stacked on top of each other trying to sneak into an R-rated movie.” And about the holidays she said: “Not only do I love Christmas, but my birthday is one week from today. I’m turning 20, or as the internet calls that middle-aged. But I’m actually really excited to get older because I am now just starting to understand who I actually am as a person. And the scary thing about growing up in the public eye is people just decide that everything you say and do and look like is who you are forever. It’s not fair. Would you want to be judged by the way you presented yourself when you were 16? Uh, no!”

In between comedy sketches about the show’s news anchor Colin Jost, a lonely christmas, and hip hop nurse, Eilish delivered powerful performances of her songs “Happier Than Ever” from her latest album of the same name and was joined by her brother Finneas O’Connell on the guitar for her second stripped-down performance of “Male Fantasy.”

This was Eilish’s second appearance on Saturday Night Live as she previously served as the musical guest for the show’s season 45 premiere in September 2019 (hosted by Woody Harrelson.)

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: crommelincklars