Photo: Brian Cantoni

Taylor Swift To Release ‘Cruel Summer’

Though the superstar singer/songwriter had originally scheduled ‘Cruel Summer’ for the summer of 2020, Taylor Swift‘s plans changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, after being blindsided by the song’s sudden surge streaming popularity, the now-33 year old has confirmed it’s official release.

During her Pittsburgh show on Saturday (6.17) Taylor told her audience “So basically, ‘Cruel Summer’ was on the ‘Lover’ album. That album came out four years ago.”

“And I just need to let you know something. ‚ÄėCruel Summer,‚Äô that song was my pride and joy on that album. That was my favourite song. And you know, you have conversations before the album comes out and everyone around weighs in on what they think should be singles and I was finally, finally about to have my favourite song become the single off of ‘Lover’‚Ķ and I‚Äôm not trying to blame the global pandemic that we had, but that is something that happened that stopped ‚ÄėCruel Summer‚Äô from ever being a single.

Thanking her fans for continuing to play her “favourite” song on repeat, Taylor added:

‚ÄúSo what‚Äôs happening right now, thanks to you, and honestly, no one understands how this is happening, but you guys have like streamed ‚ÄėCruel Summer‚Äô so much, right now in 2023, that it‚Äôs like at the top, it‚Äôs rising on the streaming charts so crazy‚Ķ and my label just decided to make it the next single.” ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs truly, truly perplexing to me because I just haven‚Äôt had something like this happen in my career. So thank you to anyone who has been listening to that song like 500 times a day because that is my favorite one.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Brian Cantoni