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Taylor Swift Sued For ‘Evermore’ Trademark Infringement

Taylor Swift, the biggest selling musician of 2020, is being sued for trademark infringement by the Utah theme resort, Evermore Parks.

Evermore Parks, which first opened in 2018, offers guests of all ages a chance to immerse themselves in a fantasy world complete with dragons, dwarves, Knights and other magical elements put on by effects crews and costumed actors. The park insists that the release of Swift’s 2020 album, Evermore, flies directly in the face of its trademark and in court documents, CEO Ken Bretschneider said that after Swift’s project was released on December 11th, search results for the theme park dropped on Google in favor of the album.

In response, Swift’s lawyers said the allegations are “baseless” and that his client refuses to comply with a cease and desist letter the park sent to Swift on December 18th. They added that the singer-songwriter styled her new album “in a way that is entirely distinct” from the park’s aesthetic, therefore, allowing her to continue distributing her album and other wares.

The lawsuit comes at a time when theme park businesses are suffering due to pandemic-related restrictions with the Evermore Park CEO issuing the following tweet.

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Photo (Cropped): E Palen