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Paul Oakenfold Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

In a case filed by a former personal assistant who accused the world renowned deejay/producer/artist and of masturbating on several occasions in her presence, Paul Oakenfold faces a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Filed on Friday (6.02) in Los Angeles superior court and obtained by Deadlinethe lawsuit started by Jane Roe alleges that after reporting the DJ’s immediate and frequent sexual harassment to her superiors, she was ultimately fired from the LA-based management company where Oakenfold was a client.

23-years old at the time, the plaintiff said she was hired by co-defendants New Frequency Management and Paul Stepanek Management in October of 2022 to serve as Paul’s personal assistant. And at a $20 per hour salary, the sexual harassment started immediately.

The lawsuit claims that “On four separate occasions, each on different dates, while Oakenfold had Plaintiff alone at his house, Oakenfold touched his genitals and then masturbated in front of Plaintiff when Oakenfold was aware that Plaintiff could not escape.” “In each instance of masturbation… Oakenfold stimulated his genitals with his hand, in close proximity to Plaintiff, for Plaintiff to see. On each separate date of masturbation, Oakenfold masturbated for longer periods of time.” On one occasion, while Roe “was driving Oakenfold home from the post office” in her own car, “Oakenfold sat in the passenger seat, spread his legs wide, and proceeded to masturbate with Plaintiff only inches away.”

The suit states that the famous musician masturbated in front of Roe on the first day She was employed as his personal assistant — sometime after she was hired on Oct. 21, 2022 — until November 18, 2022; eleven days later, and that Roe informed the management company CEO Paul Stepanek of Oakenfold’s sexual harassment. 

“Defendants CEO Stepanek bragged about his insurance policies to protect him from being sued over Oakenfold or being found ‘guilty by association,’” the lawsuit continues. “Defendants previously had several other assistants assigned to Oakenfold, and there was high turnover, likely because of the rampant sexual harassment.”

“Under duress,” the plaintiff eventually signed a non-disclosure agreement and returned to the company to work, but not as Oakenfold’s assistant. However, “her hours were dramatically reduced,” until finally she was “laid off for lack of work” in March 2023.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Jeff McGrath