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Macklemore’s 2020 Relapse Created ‘Darker’ Moments: Watch

In an interview for The Kelly Clarkson ShowMacklemore came clean about his 2020 relapse and the “intense time” that served as became a “catalyst for art” in his upcoming LP, Ben.

Talking to Clarkson, the superstar musician (born Benjamin Hammond Haggerty) said “I’m used to a certain schedule of touring, of being gone, of being home, of recovery and being able to go to a physical 12-step meeting. That stopped during COVID. Eventually, I’m on Instagram while being on Zoom and I’m just not really paying attention to the meetings.”“Eventually, and this is what happens when I don’t prioritize my recovery, if I don’t put that first, then I will lose everything that I’m putting in front of it. That’s what happens.”

Explaining that his short-lived relapse was a “reminder” and a “slap in the face” to prioritize his own well-being, Mack added “‘This is your life. You get one of these. What are you going to do with this precious time on this Earth? Do you want to be secretive? Do you want to be hiding?” “Do you want to be in the shadows, or do you want to live your life to its fullest potential, get back on it, and be honest?’”

Using his experiences as fuel for his new album, the artist stated “pain is a catalyst for great art,” and that his relapse created vulnerability. “I don’t want to inflict pain on myself anymore to make art. It’s not like I need to self-sabotage in order to create, but I think that it created some darker, more honest and vulnerable moments on the album.”

In a 2022 interview with Rolling Stone Macklemore discussed the collection of songs he’d been working on over the last couple years, and how he kept holding back the project until he was able to properly tour. He also spoke about how his seven-year-old daughter’s been a helpful critic and editor throughout the process, saying “She has absolutely no filter.” “And I’ll go, ‘Maybe she’s got a point. Maybe we don’t need a bridge. Maybe I can re-write that verse.’ There’s just something about that childhood honesty.”

Following the 2017 Gemini, Macklemore’s first album in five years will include the previously-released songs “Chant” with Tones and I, “Maniac” with Windser, and “Faithful” with NLE Choppa. 

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: San Francisco Foghorn