Photo: Andy Witchger

Lizzo Releases ‘2 Be Loved …’ Video: Look + Listen

On Monday (8.15) Lizzo released the video for “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” where the superstar singer/songwriter plays runaway bride.

The latest single from her Special album released earlier this summer, the video opens with Lizzo walking down the aisle, recreating the scene from her “Truth Hurts” visual before she second-guesses the idea of marrying herself. To the surprise of the attendees, the singer subsequently decides to ditch the ceremony altogether.

As mega-musician sings “Am I ready? (You deserve it now)/’Cause I want it (that’s what I’m talkin’ about),” in the chorus as she leaves the wedding “Am I ready? (You gon’ figure it out)/To be loved, to be loved.” Lizzo drives away and pulls off to the side of the road when she spots a beautiful man on a motorcycle. The two hug and share a sweet moment before Lizzo leans for a kiss before she realizes it’s an illusion and that she was embracing tree.

After her would-be bridesmaids film the silly moment of her kissing a tree, the video transitions to Lizzo celebrating her freedom and single-hood in a silver outfit, showing off her best twerk moves alongside her besties. “How am I supposed to love somebody else? When I don’t like myself,” she sings on the track, referencing RuPaul’s famous catchphrase.

“2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” is the follow-up single to “About Damn Time” from her Special LP. It comes ahead of her Special Tour, which is set to commence on September 23 in Miami.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Andy Witchger