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Katy Perry To Leave American Idol

Following seven seasons as a premier judge, Katy Perry has confirmed her imminent departure from American Idol.

As a Monday night (2.12) guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the superstar singer stated that the upcoming season of the US singing competition will be her last, stating:

“This fall, this September, I’m going to be doing this huge music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio. It’s really exciting. It’s a big deal for people all over the world, especially for my Brazilian fans.” “So I think this will probably be my last season for Idol.” “I love Idol so much. It’s connected me with the heart of America but I feel like I need to go out and feel that pulse to my own beat.”

In response to Kimmel asking Katy what her fellow Idol judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan thought of her departure, she joked, “Well, they’ll find out tonight.”

Perry subsequently confirmed that her celebrity co-stars already knew about her exit due to the amount of time she’s spent in the studio along with “some things” coming up in 2024. While she wasn’t specific about her future, Katy hinted that she’ll be releasing new music and going on tour.

“I love the show so much but I want to go and see the world and maybe bring new music,” she teased. “Maybe I’ll come back if they have me one day.”

Katy Perry joined American Idol in 2018, and released her last album, Smile, in 2020.

Her final season of the reality show premieres in the United Stated on February 18.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: SuperDopeBass