Eddie van Halen
Alan Light

Guitar Center Unveils Eddie Van Halen Memorial Mural

In October of 2020 music world was shaken by the loss of the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen and in honor of the Van Halen founder the Guitar Center has adorned one of its stores with a massive outdoor mural of the iconic rocker.

The picture is quintessentially Van Halen, depicting EVH in mid-screaming guitar solo mode with his signature red, black and white Frankenstrats.

In his own social media post about the work, the artist, Robert Vargas wrote, “Thank you @guitarcenter for teaming up with me to make this happen, and thanks to the many fans around the world that tuned in to watch the progress of my #LongLiveTheKing mural for @eddievanhalen  Your collective energy powered me thru to complete this mural that is near to my heart. Also, Much love to everyone of you that stopped by while I was creating this mural. I’m looking forward to bringing you along on my next journey coming soon!”

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Photo: Alan Light