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Eminem Reveals ‘The King & I’ From ‘Elvis’ Soundtrack: Look + Listen

On Thursday (6.16) Eminem and CeeLo Green‘ released “The King And I” from the forthcoming Elvis soundtrack.

In the layered lyrical rap, the superstar writer (born Marshall Bruce Mathers III) compares himself to Elvis Presley as his rapid fire verses declare “Now I’m about to explain to you all the parallels / Between Elvis and me, myself / It seem obvious: one, he’s pale as me / Second, we both been hailed as kings / He used to rock the Jailhouse, and I used to rock The Shelter / We sell like Velveeta Shells & Cheese.”

CeeLo accentuates the chorus with “So I don’t give a s— about a thing you say / I just wanna feel like a king today / And if you don’t like it you can sit and spin / Middle fingers up, we ’bout to do this s— again.”

About their collaboration Green stated “Me and Eminem have been friends for years, I’ve longed for an opportunity to work with him,” “He said, ‘Hey man can you do this for me? I need it really quickly, I need it tonight.’ So when Eminem says he needs something tonight, you deliver.”

The soundtrack for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann-directed biopic about Elvis, starring Austin Butler, will also feature contributions from Stevie NicksKacey MusgravesManeskinJack WhiteTame ImpalaJazmine SullivanGary Clark Jr. and Doja Cat, whose dynamic “Vegas” was previously released as the soundtrack’s first single.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Mika-photography