Photo: Joel Telling

Drake Joins The Backstreet Boys ‘I Want It That Way’: Look + Listen

During the boy band’s Saturday (in 7.02) concert in Toronto, the Backstreet Boys welcomed Drake onstage to perform “I Want It That Way.”

Closing out their main set at the Budweiser Stage, the legendary quintet announced the superstar rapper, who told the audience a story about why the 1999 hit single means so much to him:

“At 13 years old, I had a bar mitzvah, and at my bar mitzvah, for the first time in my life, this girl I was in love with came up to me and one of the greatest songs in the world was playing, and she asked me if I would dance with her.” “And it was the first time ever felt acknowledged, and it was the first time I ever felt like I had a shot at being cool.”

“I Want It That Way” — “one of the greatest songs of all time,” Drake added and on Friday he performed the track as an honorary Backstreet Boy, even integrating his own hit “Hold On, We’re Going Home” into the rendition. “If she can see me now.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Joel Telling