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Disclosure Remix ‘Holy’ By Sam Smith + Kim Petras: Look + Listen

Sam Smith and Kim Petras‘ “Unholy” is a pop artist’s dream, and for Disclosure, it’s an all-too-fitting remix opportunity. 

Having previously been involved with Smith on their Settle (Deluxe) single, “Latch,” the Lawrence brothers capitalize on the commercial success surrounding “Unholy” courtesy of a house-focused take that preserves the original’s composition.

The song’s Arabian feel, commonly associated with Eastern sounds that’s clearly contributed to its ability to stand out amongst the pop music pack, has a heightened presence on Disclosure’s version, which embraces this element in a noticeably longer framework. The British dj/remix/production duo extend the sonic drama of “Unholy” by more than one minute, making for a remix that hits digital streaming platforms with equal power.

In a statement about their remix involvement Disclosure said: “When Sam Smith sent us ‘Unholy,’ we sat and listened to it in a weird casino hotel in Arizona and instantly knew what had to be done. It’s been a pleasure to watch Sam grow and evolve sonically. This one stood out like an angry evil bull in a flowery meadow,”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Andresojeda713