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Coldplay Countersues Ex-Manager

Following Dave Holmes law suit against his former clients for $12,000,000.00 million, Coldplay have launched a $17,000,000.00 countersuit against their former manager.

Representing the iconic British band for more than two decades Holmes was relieved of his management duties in 2022 subsequent to which he filed the legal claim against Chris Martin’s band in August accusing them of withholding millions in unpaid commission. A claim that Coldplay has denied, the pop/rockers have now initiated a counter offensive of their own.

A spokesperson for Holmes told The Sunday Times: “Coldplay know they are in trouble with their defence. Accusing Dave of non-existent ethical lapses and other made-up misconduct will not deflect from the real issue at hand – Coldplay had a contract with Dave, they are refusing to honour it and they need to pay Dave what they owe him.”

According to the British newspaper, the rockers allege Holmes took out two loans from promoters Live Nation which they believe potentially affected his ability to negotiate with the company on their behalf.

In addition, the band accused their former manager of wasting the budget for their ‘Music of the Spheres’ tour which launched in March 2022. Because costs for the trek ballooned, they allege many millions of dollars were wasted on equipment that was not suitable including “16 bespoke stage pylons” for lighting and video which cost $10.6 million but could not be used as well as $9.6 million for a “visual project” called the Jet Screen which was too big and was only used for 10 concerts in Argentina. 

Seeking $17M in damages, the lawsuit, which was filed at the High Court in London, alleges that Homes failed “adequately to supervise and control the tour budget at all times”.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Raph_PH