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Sergey Kozak

Beatport Becomes First Digital Music Retailer To Accept Bitcoin

With all types of transactions becoming increasingly digital, Beatport joins the trend by offering Bitcoin as a new payment option.

Becoming the first major company of its sort to do so, the digital music retailer recently announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as an official form of payment come June. Leveraging the continually increasing mainstream interest in cryptocurrency, Beatport’s new commitment to Bitcoin signals another major step in the music industry’s relatively recent dance with the emerging blockchain space.

Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport, weighed in on the subject saying: “When it benefits and strengthens the artist community, there is no reason to stop innovating. It’s clear that, even in the midst of a pandemic, the DJ/Producer community is willing to lead the industry towards embracing new technology and innovative mediums for engaging with their fans.”

As Bitcoin continues to conjure up waves of support across global industries, it appears that Beatport hopping on the crypto rocket bandwagon is the beginning of an exciting new era.

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Photo: Sergey Kozak