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Alicia Keys Releases Double Album ‘Keys’: Look + Listen

15-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter and performer Alicia Keys releases her latest collection of songs, the double-album, Keys.

Her first full length since Alicia in 2020 that followed her 2016 LP, to mark the release of her latest collection, the artist (born Alicia Augello Cook) released a new video for the song, “Old Memories.”

The 40-year-old, New York City-born superstar musician and celebrity took to social media to share the news on Instagram writing:

#KEYS. IS. HERE 💙💙💙💙🔓🔓🔓🔒🔒🔒. “I’m In Dubai about to perform the most insane show I’ve ever done!  I can’t sleep cuz I’m crazy jet-lagged and I’m SO excited for y’all to hear this music!!!!!! I’m Giving you all of me on this!! “This album is gonna F*CK your head up! I hope it becomes an instant classic for you! It’s Gonna take you somewhere so special. Meet me in the ZONE! I need every one of you to go listen NOW!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 “Big love to all the creatives that have been a part of this magic!!! Tell me what you’re loving most on #KEYS!!”

Earlier this year, Alicia revealed that the new project would be a double record featuring two versions of each song, explaining her decision for the different editions on her TikTok account.

Side A of the record has been dubbed the “Original” version that features “laidback piano vibes,” while Side B, or the “Unlocked” version, guarantees “upbeat, drums, level up vibes.” “I describe it like a Saturday and a Sunday,” Keys said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “One [side], you rock Saturday, and one you rock on Sunday and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s an incredible experience.

“The Originals come from that classic side of me! It’s that AK that we WANT!! A homecoming,” the singer explained on her Instagram. “The Unlocked side, I wanted to sample The Originals to create a whole other sonic experience. So, [producer Mike WiLL Made-It] and I connected and made magic. Together, they are a fusion of the worlds within me with the #KEYS as the main ingredient.”

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Author: Saul Goode

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