Photo: Willow Smith - Public Domain

Willow (Smith) Guitars On Saturday Night Live: Look + Listen

Staring, belting, and bellowing in her platform Converse and feline black eyeliner, Willow Smith, who performs as WILLOW, began her 10.08 Saturday Night Live performance with “Curious/Furious.”

The 21-year old daughter of actors Will and Jada Smith had all the trappings of the punk movement yet what makes her music more interesting are her hardcore elements like, a guitarmony-laden extended jam or going full black metal as she did on her subsequent song, “Ur a Stranger.”

During the last season of SNL, Willow appeared with Camila Cabello as a surprise guest to perform their collaborative “Psychofreak,” from Cabello’s Familia, and earlier this week, Ms Smith spoke with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about the huge difference between playing on SNL with Cabello versus performing solo. 

“I’m nervous obviously, because being with Camila— a really, really good friend of mine — there’s that feeling of comfortability there where you can look across the stage and be like, ‘Girl, we’re in this together. We’re doing this.’ I’m not baring my soul alone on the stage. But now it’s going to be me baring my soul alone on the stage, and I’m just so grateful and so excited, but also shitting my pants slightly.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: WIllow Smith – Public Domain