The Music World One Year After COVID-19 Was Listed As A Pandemic

Today, March 11th, marks one year since COVID-19 was officially classified as a worldwide pandemic and the music industry has experienced significant negative and positive effects as a result.

On the up side, auditory streaming enjoyed a substantial increase as the entire world was forced to quarantine. Podcasts and informational recordings were targeted by consumers for their educational benefits, along with self-help programming that helped the world deal with COVID-19-related emotions. As companies recognized the increase in online listening a number of A list platforms expanded their catalogs and launched exclusive offerings to address the exponential demand.

On the down side, the live music sector was profoundly effected as large and small gatherings were abruptly put on hold and concerts cancelled. Those who generated income from playing shows and touring were hit the hardest and forced to come up with alternative means of making a living that included live streams and watch parties across many a social media platform.

The most disconcerting development affecting the music industry was musician deaths due to the virus including the likes of Charley Pride, DJ Mike Huckaby, John Prine, Ellis Marsalis and many others who become part of the 529,000 people who have thus far died in the United States. Addressing the massive impact of the Corona Virus, many-a-musician led campaigns and donated money to help ease tensions and help facilitate vaccines.

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Photo: Amy