Photo: Erik Drost

The Jonas Bros Unveil Royal Albert Hall ‘Waffle House’ Video: Look + Listen

On Friday (4.28) the Jonas Brothers released the music video for their new single “Waffle House.”

In the clip, the three pop-star siblings start out in three separate locations with Joe Jonas spinning records at one of his “Cup of Joe” nights, Kevin Jonas walking down dark street and Nick Jonas in a hotel room amidst a party atmosphere. 

As their new song kicks in, the Brothers Jonas find each other after a choreographed scene as Joe sings “We never knew how to forfeit/ But we always knew how to talk s–t/ Couple nights threw gasoline on the fire/ We never knew how to perfect/ But we always knew what would work/ ‘Cause if somethin’ misread or if somethin’ got said/ Know before the night ends.”

The video reaches its crescendo as the trio take over London’s Royal Albert Hall for the song’s raucous final chorus “No, don’t get stressed, it’s gon’ get figured out/ Oh, deep conversations at the Waffle House/ Headstrong father and a determined mother/ Oh, that’s why some nights we tried to kill each other/ You know it’s always love/ You know it’s always love” as confetti showers the iconic pop act.

“Waffle House” is the second single from the JoBros forthcoming sixth full-length, The Album, which arrives May 12 via Republic Records.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Erik Drost