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Taylor Swifts Teases New Album Ft Ed Sheeran + Phoebe Bridges: Watch + Listen

The latest in a litany of re-recorded albums, Taylor Swift has cryptically teased collaborations with Phoebe Bridgers, Chris Stapleton and Ed Sheeran as part of her forthcoming ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ full length.

Set to release the re-recorded version of her 2012 LP on November 19, the 31-year-old multiple Grammy award winner took to social media and shared a furtive video of a red vault packed with teasers and potential clues, captioning the clip: “Presses post…cackles maniacally…Level: casually cruel in the name of being honest.”

Known as ‘Swifties’, Taylor’s fans quickly got to work trying to decipher the puzzle that included a series of flying, scrambled words.

In addition to the new album that will contain 30 songs. Swift also confirmed that her rumored 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’ is also en route, adding “This will be the first time you hear all 30 songs that were meant to go on Red. And hey, one of them is even ten minutes long.” “Sometimes you need to talk it over (over and over and over) for it to ever really be…. Over. Like your friend who calls you in the middle of the night going on and on about their ex, I just couldn’t stop writing.”

‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ follows her April release of ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’, the re-recorded version of her 2008 album.

Taylor decided to re-record her earlier albums after Scooter Braun purchased her former record label, Big Machine Label Group, for $300 million, and with it acquired the rights to her back catalogue, subsequent to which Braun’s Ithaca Holdings sold the catalogue to Shamrock Holdings.

After the purchase, the superstar singer/songwriter claimed she was never offered the chance to buy back her own master recordings. And about her plans to re-record her records, she said: “It’s going to be fun, because it’ll feel like regaining a freedom and taking back what’s mine. When I created [these songs], I didn’t know what they would grow up to be. Going back in and knowing that it meant something to people is actually a really beautiful way to celebrate what the fans have done for my music.”

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Author: Brad LeBeau

Photo: Makaiyla Willis