Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Taylor Swift Mocked At Golden Globe Awards: Look + Listen

During last night’s Golden Globes awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, the event’s host Jo Koy poked fun at audience member Taylor Swift.

A last-minute attendee whose 2023 concert film about her blockbuster Eras Tour, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, was nominated for the cinematic and box office achievement award – one of two new award categories at the 2024 ceremony – the MC joked

“As you know, we came on after a football double header,” Koy said early in the program, tipping to the fact that the Globes started airing on CBS right after an NFL showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. “The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? On the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift — I swear.”

The wise crack referred to the world-famous pop star dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and attending numerous NFL games where broadcasts have reaction shots of Swift watching her boyfriend from the crowd.

In response to Koy’s joke, the camera caught Swift in deadpan, poker face reaction and a sip of her drink.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Eva Rinaldi