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Taylor Swift Gifts Truck Drivers $100K Bonus

On the cusp of completing the North American leg of her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift thanked her dedicated crew by giving her truck drivers a $100,000 bonus. 

According to Michael Scherkenbach, the founder and CEO of Shomotion, one of two transportation companies used by Swift “My company handles transportation of the stage and structure, pretty much the skeleton that everything hangs on at the concert venue.”

Though Scherkenbach chose not to disclose how many of the company’s truck drivers received the bonus, he confirmed that it was nearly 50 members of the combined trucking crews and confirmed that the typical bonus amount was $5,000 to $10,000, adding “These men and women, they live on the road. They sleep during the day and work all night.” “It’s a grueling task. They leave their families, young children for weeks. For Taylor’s tour, they’ve been away from home for 24 weeks.”

In preparation for the presentation, Michael said his drivers were called into what was thought to be a routine production meeting ahead of a concert when Swift’s father, Scott Swift, made a surprise visit.

The “Taylor family is always present and kind to our drivers but Scott generally doesn’t lead the meeting,” said Scherkenbach to CNN. “Scott gave a speech saying that he had discussed this with Taylor and they thought that it was only right that everybody received a bonus. Taylor insisted on writing a handwritten note to each driver and added a wax seal on the envelope with her monogram.”

Sherkenbach said his drivers were left shocked when they realized the amount they had been given.  “The drivers didn’t want to be overly rude and look at it. But one looked and thought it said $1,000, another driver saw it as $10,000 and then the third said ‘Well this has to be a joke!'” Scherkenbach said. 

Taylor Swift gave bonuses to her entire Eras crew, which included dancers, riggers, sound technicians and caterers.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Keith Hlnkle