Photo: Jonatan Svensson Glad

Sweden’s Loreen Wins 2023 Eurovision Song Contest: Look + Listen

In a Sunday (5.14) statement from the British Broadcasting Company, the 2023 Eurovision song contest final drew the largest UK television audience in the history of the legendary music event with an 11,000,000 viewing audience and a 63% share.

Held in Liverpool, northern England, on behalf of last year’s winner Ukraine (which was unable to host this year because of Russia’s invasion,) on Saturday (5.13) Sweden’s Loreen¬†won¬†Eurovision 2023.

In a statement about the televised broadcast, BBC’s Director of Unscripted Kate Phillips said:

“The fact that so many millions of people tuned in reflects just how significant Eurovision has become.” “Liverpool welcomed the world’s biggest singing competition with open arms and embraced it beyond all of our expectations,”

In line with 2022 viewership, the European Broadcasting Union said it estimated more than 160 million people watched worldwide.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Jonatan Svensson Glad