Sly and the Family Stone
Simon Fernandez

Sly And The Family Stone Release ‘Everyday People’ Video For Black History Month: Watch

In tandem with Black History Month, Sly & the Family Stone‘s signature song, “Everyday People” resurfaces courtesy of a new video.

Still preaching the original message of progressive optimism, the timeless psychedelic track has now been paired with an iridescent two-and-a-half minute animated video that resonates with the same upbeat lyrics allowing listeners to get into the auditory and visual groove.

Written and produced by Sly Stone, the pop/soul classic was the first single by a major American pop-rock group band to go #1 on the Soul Chart and the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969. With a lineup of male and female musicians, the racially integrated, pioneering crew was ahead of their time from 1966 to 1983, creating songs that were inspirational and radio-friendly.

“Now more than ever, the message of this song resonates across the globe,” is the message that preempts the reimagined and modernized “Everyday People” animated video.

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Photo: Simon Fernandez