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Showtime Announces ‘Sheryl’ Crow Documentary: Look + Listen

For one of the new recordings culled from her upcoming Showtime documentary, Sheryl, Sheryl Crow enlists Mick Jagger for a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Live With Me.”

For their rendition of the Let It Bleed track, Crow handles lead vocals while Jagger goes into “Midnight Rambler” mode by rocking out on his harmonica; the Stones and Crow have previously played “Live With Me” onstage together dating back to 1994:

Not the first time Crow and the a member of the Rolling Stones have collaborated, in 2019 Keith Richards appeared alongside the singer on her all-star (and self-proclaimed final) album Threads, with the pair taking on Voodoo Lounge’s “The Worst.”

Following its debut earlier this year at SXSW, Sheryl arrives via Showtime on May 6 with the superstar singer/songwriter statig:

“My manager, who has been with me from the very beginning, he came to me and said, ‘This would be a great time for you to sit down and tell your story. You have more than 30 years of having navigated a career as a woman and you have a lot to say.” “I kind of gave into it, and I’ll be honest, documentaries have been the thing since I was a kid that have taught me about what it is I wanted to be and what was possible. It wound up really being kind of a gift and a great journey.”

The documentary will be accompanied by a companion soundtrack featuring more than 30 of Crow’s hits and favorites as well as three new songs, including the “Live With Me” cover.

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Photo: Raph_PH