Photo: Zach Klein from New York, New York, USA

Shirley Manson + Garbage Confirm New Album Recording

In a recent podcast interview Kyle Meredith With, Garbage front woman Shirley Manson confirmed that she and the band are working on a new album.

According to the Scottish lead singer, the group started making a follow-up to their 2021 record ‘No Gods No Masters’ and she spoke candidly about the challenges of trying to better their last effort, stating:

“We started our eighth studio record a few weeks ago. We all still feel really excited when we get to make another record.” “I was so proud of ‘No Gods No Masters’ and I still am. I knew when we finished it that this is really good, we’ve made something really, really good.” “To follow up that record is a bit of a conundrum in a way.” “Musically I know we’ll never run out of ideas. We get into the studio together and we jam and melodies come out and scraps of lyrics come out at the same time.”

To insure that she expresses herself musically, Shirley discussed her creative process of delving into her inner self before the band makes a new album.

“I have a feeling in my gut of things that I want to talk about.” “Every time I do a record I’m like, ‘What is it you want to say? These are things you want to get off your chest before you die.’ “To get that out of your core is so thrilling. You feel like, ‘Wow, oh my God, I’ve really touched on something here that I’ve wanted to get off my chest for so long.'”

Admitting that the band are always taken by surprise when they receive good reviews, Manson added:

“To be perfectly frank, we’ve reached a point in our career where we just accept the worst.” “We are always quite surprised when we get a positive reaction. It’s not something we really expect or are accustomed to.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Zach Klein from New York, New York, USA