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P!nk Pulls The Trigger On ‘Trustfall’ Video: Look + Listen

Preempting the release of her forthcoming ninth studio album, P!nk drops the video for the title track, “Trustfall.”

Directed by Georgia Hudson, the video sees the singer opposite a young woman searching for a sense of confidence and release. And as they as they stand near the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean, P!nk (born Alecia Beth Moore) says “You’re shit scared and your whole body is shaking.” “Go in there and you just fucking do it. Just do it, whatever it is, and then boom – it’s gone. The fear is gone.”

For Pink, both on “Trustfall” and in the process of creating its album, the hurdle was reassessing what matters to her the most, or as the singer told Good Morning America:

“It’s very, very true to what I believe and where I am and what I’m feeling and what I think a lot of people are feeling.” “I took time. I had time and I had a lot of really devastating things happen. My son and I got really sick with COVID. That sort of distilled down for me what actually matters.” “And it takes a crisis to do that. It takes your kids getting sick to be like, ‘Okay, none of this matters. I wanna see my kids grow up. That’s what I want.’ I want to only put truth into the world. I want to only be authentic. And I want to be kinder and a better person.”

“Trustfall” follows the release of the lead single “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” a similar embrace of the here and now. “I just started making music and making — speaking in melody,” Pink shared. “And it came together… My album is a piece of me, and I think that I am an example of how you can live authentically and fearlessly, in ways.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: byron’s vlogs