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Peter Gabriel Is Reawakened With ‘Road To Joy’: Look + Listen

The latest in an ever-growing list of singles from his upcoming album, i/o\, Peter Garbriel has released ‘Road to Joy.’

In a statement about the latest offering from his forthcoming full length, Gabriel said:

“I’m working on a project which is partly a story focused around the brain and how we perceive things and this song connects to that.” “It deals with near-death experience and locked-in syndrome situations where people are unable to communicate or to move. It’s an amazingly frustrating condition.” “There have been some great books and films about this subject, but at this point in our story the people looking after our hero manage to find a way to wake him up.” “So, it’s a lyric about coming back into your senses, back to life, back into the world.”

Featuring the Soweto Gospel Choir, and musicians from Peter’s current touring band – including longtime collaborators Tony Levin (bass), David Rhodes (guitar) and Manu Katché (drums), and newer members Don E (bass, keys) and Josh Shpak (trumpet) – ‘Road To Joy’ also features a string arrangement from John Metcalfe. And co-produced by Brian Eno, the “Bright-Side Mix” of the song reworked by Mark “Spike” Stent explores the reawakening of senses.

Throughout the past several months, the legendary singer/songwriter has dropped i/o singles during each full moon, including ‘Four Kinds of Horses,’ and ‘Panopticom,’ and thought’s Gabriel’s yet to disclose his upcoming LP’s release date, he has confirmed the “i/o the Tour,” with North American dates starting September in Quebec.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Skoll World Forum