Photo: Jeff Terrell

Past Girlfriends Haunt Charlie Puth In ‘I Don’t Think …’: Listen Now

Reflecting on girlfriends from his past, “I Don’t Think I Like Her” finds Charlie Puth, weighed down by prior relationships that led to a sense of paranoia.

Making dating all the more precarious, the Travis Barker collaboration finds Puth singing “I don’t think that I like her anymore/Girls are all the same/All they wanna do is break my heart,” “I don’t think that I like her anymore/Girls are all the same/They just wanna see me fall apart” atop piercing percussion stabs on the chorus.

As reflected in the song’s lyrics, Charlie followed all the rules of a healthy relationship, even though he’d come to believe that he’d be single forever. He got the girl’s name and number, indulged in their commonalities while ignoring their differences, and met her family. Still, he can’t escape the disconnect between his sudden infatuation and finding out that the person he’s falling for has other plans: “For me, the stars are aligning / But for her, it’s bad timing.” He’s back at square one, and it’s starting to feel personal.

Charlie Puth first teased “I Don’t …” more than a year and a half ago in a since-deleted TikTok previewing the record in its early stages and the superstar singer/songwriter turned to his audience of 19.1 million followers throughout the creation process of Charlie, his third studio album set for release on Oct. 7.

As he unveiled the LP artwork Puth wrote “This album was born on the internet, and I’ve had so much fun making it in front of all of you this past year,” “2019 me used to think that in order to be an artist, you had to hide away and talk to nobody to make your art. Turns out you make MUCH better art when you involve millions of people in the process.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Jeff Terrell