Nick Jonas
Public Domain/C. Todd Lopez

Nick Jonas Wows Fans With ‘This Is Heaven’ Video: Watch

Following last Friday’s release of the singer’s new album, Spaceman, Nick Jonas and Island/Universal add to the excitement surrounding this triple-threat superstar with the drop of his “This Is Heaven” music video.

The Daniel Broadley-directed clip opens with Jonas scripting typewriter lines about a space man whose jet pack ignites and launches him skyward. The 28-year-old lead character wanders aimlessly through empty hallways and forest scenes in hopes of being in heaven with his soulmate. Eventually, the youngest of three Jonas Brothers sings “and I don’t know how this could get much better/Than you and me, here right now,” backed by a choir.

“This song means so much me, to this album,” Jonas said on Instagram. “I feel like it’s sort of the center point, and kind of the thing that propels us into the theme of commitment, and honestly [it’s] just one of my favorites” and expanded on the Spaceman theme “but giving it a different environment and talking about kind of what happens when you are able to escape in whatever way is right for you.” “For some people that’s a good book, video games, a nice meal, dinner… whatever it is, but this is about that escapism feeling.”

The “Spaceman” video is the latest in a ever-expanding list of Nick Jonas-related appearances which include a recent, February 28 host and musical guest stint on Saturday Night LIve – where he performed “This Is Heaven” and “Spaceman” – as well as a co-starring role as Nathaniel Kulina in the the Netflix scripted drama series, “Kingdom.”

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Photo: Public Domain/C. Todd Lopez