Miley Cyrus + Elon Musk To Host Saturday Night Live: May 8

Hosting Saturday Night Live alongside musical guest Miley Cyrus, Elon Musk, the mastermind behind Tesla and SpaceX is taking his talents to television on May 8th.

As the second richest person in the world, the South African-born billionaire is oft times known for his meme-filled, humorous tweets. He’s taken to endorsing a cryptocurrency by the name of Dogecoin and has also been in the news after naming his child the rather controversial and atypical “X Æ A-12”. 

As part of SNL’s initial press release announcing Elon’s involvement, the longest running comedy broadcast called the infamous entrepreneur “the CEO and Technoking of Tesla and the chief engineer of SpaceX”. And while it may be the inventor’s first ever time hosting the show, his night’s musical guest will be veteran Miley Cyrus’ 5th time on the program.

In comparison to the wide array of musicians and actors that’ve preceded him, Musk is quite an obscure pick for the show as aside from Musk’s creation of completely electric luxury cars (Tesla), he’s also sent 10 different astronauts to space in under a year.

Following the announcement from SNL, Elon Musk released a tweet certifying his SNL birth.

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Author : Ralph_PH