Miley Cyrus
Photo : Ralph_PH

Miley Cyrus + Elon Musk Rock Saturday Night Live

In a series of songs and sketches, bad girl rocker Miley Cyrus and the world’s third richest man, Elon Musk shook things up big time during the May 8 broadcast of Saturday Night Live

Performing three songs, including a duet with Kid LAROI, Miley Cyrus rocked SNL’s Mother’s Day show. Dressed in a myriad of colorful outfits, Billy Ray’s daughter opened the show with her sixth appearance interspersed with each cast member joking with their respective moms.

Only the second non-entertainer/non-actor/non-athlete celebrity (since Donald Trump in 2015) to host SNL, SpaceX/Tesla creator Musk stunned the socially distanced audience when he admitted to having Asbergers prior to his brilliant portrayal of a Gen Z doctor, a genius cowboy, a european tv producer, a priest, Wario (from Super Mario Brothers), a financial advisor trying to explain cryptocurrency (and his own Dogecoin), the SPACEX inventor, and an uncomfortable Joe at a post pandemic cocktail party.

Despite some criticism from the public about Musk’s involvement in the show, the man who’s launched his electric roadsters into orbit (with a David Bowie-esque “Starman” doll in the pilot’s seat listening to an endless spiral of “Space Oddity”) received rave reviews.

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Author : Luke Traina

Photo : Ralph_PH