Photo: Måneskin

Måneskin Address Queer-Baiting Accusations

During an interview with The Guardian, published over the weekend, Måneskin rejected allegations of queer-baiting.

Members of the über-successful Italian rock band spoke to the British tabloid and responded to claims that they’ve employed the tactic of hinting at LGBTQ+ representation despite not actually depicting same-sex relationships in their creative work.

Victoria de Angelis, the groups bass player vehemently denied any instances of queer-baiting within the group, stating:

“There are some cases where it happens, but sometimes (the accusations are) so extreme. It’s stupid for queer people, who should fight these stereotypes, to label it as this and create more hate.” “The fact (guitarist Thomas Raggi and frontman Damiano David) are straight doesn’t mean they can’t wear make-up. Or heels.” And addressing the conservative backlash the image conscious band has faced in Italy.” “They’re intimidated by the fact that someone can wear make-up or high heels or appear half-naked or not be straight.”

Damiano added that he and Thomas are allies of the community, stating:

“Everything me and Thomas do is always filtered by two people who are (queer). Of course, we don’t experience the same stuff, but we live every day very closely with people from the community.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Måneskin