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Lil Nas X Exposes Love Triangle On The ‘Maury’ Show: Look + Listen

The latest in an ever-growing list of absurdities, on Wednesday Lil Nas X is preparing to dish on the Maury about the love triangle inspiration behind “That’s What I Want” and he’s just released a trailer for the TV show,

As one can see, the clip opens with footage from the song’s video depicting the back line story of a very real love triangle. The video addresses the steamy romance between Lil Nas X and his boyfriend Yai Ariza’s and the rapper’s discovery that Ariza is actually married to a woman named Ashley who has a four-year-old child. Six weeks after dropping the trailer, the musician and the involved parties appear on Maury to open up and fight about the betrayal.

According to the show’s host, Maury Povich: “It’s one of the most scandalous stories we’ve ever had on the Maury Show,” Lil Nas X explains they fell in love at football practice “and we could not keep our hands off of each other.” Adding: “It’s like a month just felt like a lifetime.” The affair is revealed to Ashley on the show and drama ensues, which includes finding out if Ariza is the father of the child, and some lie detector action.

Recently named one of GQ‘s 2021 Men of the Year alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo and Tom Holland, the magazine noted that Lil Nas X is not only “able to craft mega-musical hits and pair them with big pop visual provocations more fearlessly than anyone since Madonna. But he also updates the pop-provocateur algorithm with his savant-like knack for commanding attention — and scorching naysayers — via social media.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Maury