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Jonas Brothers Talk About Their Ultimate Driving Playlists

With Summer right ’round the corner, many of us are readying our road trip playlists and to help set the vibe and the Jonas Brothers revealed what makes a great collection of songs with which to travel.

As part of a new collaboration with Cadillac to experience the brand’s hands-free driver assistance technology, the trio shared their road trip essentials including their key to the ultimate driving playlist experience. “[The perfect playlist] is a collection of songs from everyone in the car to come together and create something epic,” Joe Jonas said. Nick Jonas noted, “It has to have something for everybody. Mix in some oldies with current stuff you are liking. Keep it loose and fun with a variety.”

Coming in with some extra wisdom, Kevin explained, “The ultimate driving playlist needs feeling.” “You need something moody, something energetic. For the most part, you need as many Celine Dion songs that you can sing along to. Or Shania Twain. Any song you can scream at the top of your lungs and not feel bad about is a win.” While Kevin opted for the powerhouse female vocalists, Joe revealed that he also loves a good chilled-out title or podcast while he’s driving. “I always love putting on the Beatles or sometimes even just NPR news, classical music – it depends how long my trip is.”

As part of the new Cadillac experience, Nick and Kevin appear in a one-minute clip activating the car’s “Super Cruise” hands-free function. The duo use the car’s WiFi to video chat as Joe, whose FOMO gets a hold of him, and leading him to jokingly request that his brothers pick him up because it’s “contractual” that he is not left out.

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