Photo: Jakub Janecki

Jason Derulo Pens First Book

On Monday (2.27) Jason Derulo confirmed that he’s been working on Sing Your Name Out Loud: 15 Rules for Living Your Dream, a new book based on his career that addresses the “wins and losses that strengthened his signature style of creative pursuit.”

Scheduled for a June 27th release, Derulo took to social media to address his influences growing up, writing:

“When I was a kid, I used to watch my mom around the house. I don’t think she ever stopped working – cooking, cleaning, folding, tidying, organizing. That woman never took a break. Her work ethic wiggled its way into my DNA, too.” “Before I was ten years old, I was putting in serious hours singing and songwriting, and the only fuel I had was my belief that I would make it.” “I started on TikTok way wayyyyy before it was cool – it was just me and a bunch of high school kids posting weird videos! During that time I had this amazing front row seat to the creativity and hustle of an entire generation of young artists, content creators, video makers, comedians, influencers, and entrepreneurs. However, I know this to be a fact: creative people need a plan. It is impossible to dedicate to a dream without a practice to make it a reality.”

Derulo’s forthcoming book has been called an instructive guide for those in creative fields, and promises to share the singer-songwriter’s “15 tried-and-true rules” for “increased productivity, self-mastery, and success in any pursuit.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Jakub Janecki