Photo: Renan Katayama

Jack Black Drops ‘Super Mario Bros’ Single + Video: Look + Listen

As The Super Mario Bros. Movie enjoys a $200 million opening weekend, Jack Black-as-Bowser’s piano balled “Peaches” has become an unexpected hit on streaming services.

In support of the song that’s rocketing up digital music charts, Black has teamed with Lyrical Lemonade director Cole Bennett for a music video that follows the Tenacious D singer playing his Ludwig Van Koopa piano and dancing ’round a mushroom hut as he sings about unrequited love.

As Rolling Stone recently wrote in their review of the film:

“The obvious showstopper is Jack Black as a loquacious Bowser. If it’s possible to chew scenery in a voiceover booth, Black’s take on the King of the Koopas is dining and his Neil Diamond-lite Tenacious D’ing of Bowser as a love-struck tortured artist is a hit. Expect ‘Peaches, Peaches, Peaches’ to soon be a TikTok staple to the chagrin of parents everywhere.”

The film’s co-director, Aaron Horvath previously stated “Bowser plays an incredible piano ballad that extols his love for Princess Peach.” “As we were trying to get the point across of Bowser’s feelings for Peach, it seemed more fun, funny and sweet if we had him sing a song about it.” “Jack Black is an incredible singer and musician, so we spent a night writing the song and sent the demo to Jack.” “A couple days later, Jack sent us back a finished track. He had added his own twist on it and his pianist played an original music track for it. We were blown away.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Renan Katayama