Photo: William P. Gottlieb - Public Domain

Former Atlantic Employee Accuses Titan Ahmet Ertegun Of Sexual Abuse

A former Atlantic Records “talent finder” has accused late industry mogul Ahmet Ertegun of sexual assault, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Jan A. Roeg, who began working for the iconic record label in the early 1980s, says Ertegun, who died in 2006, initially assaulted her in 1983 by “putting his hand up her skirt without her consent,” and subsequently “violently sexually assaulted [her] at his Upper East Side home during an evening that had begun with dinner with several industry insiders, which ostensibly was supposed to be about establishing a business relationship.”

According to the lawsuit, Ertegun’s “abusive sexual conduct continued for years and even decades” and “Ms. Roeg also found Mr. Ertegun openly masturbating in his office at least twice when he knew she was entering for a meeting with him.”

While the legendary record company president may no longer be alive, the suit states: “the harm done to Ms. Roeg by his humiliating and painful assaults on Ms. Roeg still has not healed many years later.”

Jan A. Roeg is asking for damages with an exact amount to be determined at trial.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: William P. Gottlieb – Public Domain