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Foo Fighters + H.E.R. On SNL: Look + Listen

Over the weekend (10.28,) during the Foo Fighters‘ ninth Saturday Night Live musical guest appearance, Dave Grohl and the band caught lightening in a bottle for what’s now their most viral SNL appearance when Christopher Walken – making his first SNL cameo in 15 years – introduced the iconic rockers,

Walken’s presence was significant as, in a now-viral Radio X interview, Grohl shared a funny story about a time Foo Fighters played SNL and were introduced by Walken, who pronounced the band “Foo FIGHTers,” leading to Grohl’s hilarious and near-perfect impression of the famous thespian.

More than two decades after their initial meeting – when the musicians played a Walken-hosted SNL episode in February 2003 – the band semi-reunited with the actor as he introduced the band’s first performance of the night, But Here We Are‘s “Rescued.”

In addition to Walken’s surprise cameo, during the Foo Fighters’ second performance, H.E.R. joined in on vocals and guitars on “The Glass.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Raph_PH