Brazilian Drag Queen Pabllo Vitar Celebrates Pride Month

When Pabllo Vittar (real name Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva) first went out in drag she was 18 years old, telling Billboard magazine that she felt “gorgeous” and “hadn’t stopped wearing makeup since.”

Now 27, the singer and drag diva, who considers RuPaul to be her biggest inspiration, aims to encourage up-and-coming LGBTQ+ artists and fans to discover their voice and identity stating “I try to make art that has a message, and I hope that by doing so, I can help others like me do the same.”

With her strong, outspoken, and inspiring melodies, Vittar has become a household name in her native country of Brazil and collaborations with such musical luminaries as Diplo, Lali, Charli XCX, Anitta, and Thalía have helped her gain international recognition. Pabllo discusses how coming out has influenced her art and how she will commemorate this years Pride Month, saying “I was really fortunate in that I never had to go out! I was raised in a loving, open-minded household. RuPaul opened a lot of doors for me as a youngster growing up in a little town when it came to drag in my teenage years. As a result, I now aim to create art with a message in order to maybe inspire other children to do the same when me as they grow up. I’m doing my part to help others!”

“I couldn’t be more grateful for how warmly the industry has embraced me. Their aid has been invaluable in reaching out to fans, particularly young fans who are still figuring out who they are and how they want to express themselves. To connect with them and give them the courage to be themselves.” Don’t hurry anything and take your time. Don’t try to push anything on us because we all have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. This is different for everyone, but in my experience, I’ve been able to connect with a lot of individuals from all over the world through my music and drag. We are mutually supportive. It provides me with not just a support system, but also a network through which I can share ideas and advance my craft.” After that, “Urias, my closest ally! Her latest EP, FRIA PT1, came out recently. Every day, I listen to it on repeat, and I can’t wait till we can all hear it out loud in clubs. Her music is unavoidable once heard; she is a legend! I’ll be honoring Pride this year by: On June 24th, I’ll be releasing my new album, “Batidão Tropical,”

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Author: Luke Traina