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Billy Porter Returns With Dance Floor-Ready ‘Children’ : Watch + Listen

The latest in a litany of Billy Porter-related creative projects, the singer/actor/activist has just released his new single, “Children,” the dance music project that marks his new joint partnership with Island UK and Republic Records.

Setting the stage for his forthcoming full length, the artist’s new upbeat, dance-ready title was co-written with songwriter MNEK and Little Mix’s Jade Thirwell.

In a statement about the project, Porter said: “It’s a song that is inspired by my life and everything I’ve gone through to get here.” “Music is my first love. I grew up singing in the church. When I first put out commercial music in 1997, the industry was not ready for all this Black Boy Joy! But luckily the world has caught up. I could not be more thrilled to entrust this next chapter of my music career to the Island/Republic team. Make way children! Daddy’s back.” “For the first time, my music is what I want it to be, what I want it to say, which is hope, love.” “We have to choose it every day so we can fight the evil that is so pervasive. We can only fight it with love and I am so excited for my music for that.”

Earlier this year, Porter shared a cover of Juliet Roberts’ Nineties dance classic, “Caught in the Middle,” from charity compilation, Red Hot + Free.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue