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Axl Rose Files To Dismiss Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Sued in November by model Sheila Kennedy, who accused him of sexually assaulting her in a New York City hotel room in 1989, Axl Rose has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him.

According to People, Rose’s legal team have now submitted court documents in an effort to get the case thrown out, stating that “Kennedy cannot and will not succeed in this unscrupulous attempt at a financial windfall. This lawsuit will lay bare the falsity of these vexatious and meritless allegations.”

In the documents, the now 62-year-old rocker’s attorneys pointed out that the plaintiff described the alleged incident as “consensual sex” in her 2016 memoir No One’s Pet, and also argued that she said she “did not consider it rape. It was consensual” in the 2021 documentary Look Away. 

The lawyers for the Guns N’ Roses front man stated that the former Penthouse pin-up realized she “could profit from claiming that the incident had not in fact been consensual” via New York’s Adult Survivors Act, a one-year window that extended the statute of limitations for allegations of sexual misconduct. 

In her lawsuit, the now 61-year old Kennedy claimed that Rose “violently” sexually assaulted her in his hotel suite after meeting in a nightclub. 

In November, Rose’s lawyer denied the allegation stating “Simply put, this incident never happened. Notably, these fictional claims were filed the day before the New York State filing deadline expires,” attorney Alan S. Gutman said. “Mr. Rose is confident this case will be resolved in his favour.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Ed Vill