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Amy Winehouse Fans Slam Biopic Teaser

Following the release of Amy Winehouse biopic teaser, fans of the superstar singer declared the movie trailer as “cursed.”

Starring actor Marisa Abela as the late embattled singer, Winehouse devotees have expressed anger and confusion after viewing a new snippet from the Back to Black movie, which shows the thespian singing in a number of scenes.

Many of the criticisms focused around Marisa not lip-sync along to Amy’s characteristic, smoky voice, with one disgruntled fan taking to X/Twitter with “Having an actress trying to mimic one of the most distinctive voices in recent music history is certainly… a choice.” “I didn’t even have to open video to tell how much I hate the way her mouth moves when she sings,” commented another.”

Adding it could be a career-ender, film critic Jeff Zhang described the clip as “nuclear-level bad” writing “Completely radioactive. This is the type of dreck that ruins careers, and I can’t believe no one said ‘no’ at any time during the entire production,” on X/Twitter.

The latest snubs follow some of Amy’s fans previously expressing concerns that Abela didn’t resemble the iconic UK songstress enough to be believable, with one critic writing “Accidentally watched two seconds of this and turned it off right away when I realized what it was.” “Cursed project.”

Back to Black will be released in U.K. cinemas on April 12.

Photo: Rama

Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Rama