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Alison Goldfrapp Denies Goldfrapp Reunion

While Alison Goldfrapp stated that Goldfrapp had “a pretty good stint,” and would “never say never” to working with her former bandmate Will Gregory, 63, again the British songstress confirmed that they have no “plans” to get back into the studio together as they’re both involved with solo projects.

The now 57-year-old singer told Electric Sound magazine:

“I’ve worked Will for over 20 years and we’ve released seven albums, so I’d say we’ve had a pretty good stint together.” “Will has always had other projects in between, going off and doing his thing, and I’ve always wanted to do my thing for a long time. Everything is great, it’s all good between us – we had a catch up only yesterday – but neither of us has plans to make any new music together. We’d never say never, but he’s doing thing and I’m focusing on mine…”

Reflecting on how the duo’s sound has “always been a hybrid” of genres that never fit into “rigid categories” Alison said:

“I remember being at an awards ceremony once and they had very specific categories. You know, dance music, rock music, and so on. I hated those rigid categories. But everybody would ask, ‘What are Goldfrapp? Are they dance? Are they electronic?’ We’d always been a hybrid.” And about how “important” her working on something she’s passionate about is, she added “I’m a creative person, so I always like to be doing something or making something. As an artist, I think that it’s important to feel excited about what you’re doing… and I’m incredibly excited about what I’m doing.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Surreal Name Given