Photo: Stefan Brending (2eight)

Yungblud Is ‘Happier’ In Tokyo Video: Look + Listen

In collaboration with Oli Sykes, Yungblud just released the brand new in-your-face, retro-themed video for his ‘Happier’ single.

Featuring the two musicians yelling at the top of their lungs to karaoke lyrics, playing arcade games, and jumping to their music on a crowded dance floor, the video was filmed in Tokyo.

In comparison to the artist’s “Hated,” which reflected a much darker tone, “Happier” is a chaotic, yet cathartic release. While “Hated” addressed the lasting trauma Yungblud experienced following alleged sexual abuse as a child, (complete with black liquid trickling down his face as he pours out dark truths from his life,) in “Happier,” the now 26-year-old appears to be up and excited about life as he head bangs to the hyper rock beat. 

“If I could tell you how I feel/I know that you’re still hurting too.” “No I’m not broken/I’m just scared to belong here, scared to be happier,” shouts Yungblud.

Directed by Masaki Watanabe, ‘Happier’ is Yungblud’s second collaboration with Sykes following Bring Me The Horizon’s 2020 single “Obey.” With gigs in Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Manila, Philippines; Singapore; and Bangkok, Thailand, the two musicians have spent the fall touring Asia.

Born Dominic Richard Harrison, Yungblud started 2022 with “Lowlife,” followed by the emotionally fueled “Hated” in August. In September, he dropped his third album, Yungblud, the 12-track album that is a “whirlwind listen, fusing together building blocks of various rock subgenres — mostly Britpop’s hip-shaking carnality and emo’s on-the-brink wails — then spit-shining them a bit before adding confessional lyrics,” according to Rolling Stone review. 

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Stefan Brending (2eight)