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Woody Harrelson Sings Adele On SNL: Look + Listen

During  the February 25th episode of Saturday Night Live Woody Harrelson demonstrated his singing skillz in an Adele-inspired cover of ‘Hello.’

In a pre-recorded sketch titled “Musical Promo,” the superstar thespian joined fellow SNL cast-members in a faux trailer for an upcoming Broadway show, called By Yourself: The Musical, about the little songs people sing to themselves when nobody else is watching.

Harrelson, who hosted SNL for the fifth time launched the cut-for-time skit by sitting alone at his kitchen and singing a catchy tune about his Tupperware-encased dinner. “Chicken, chicken, chicken,” he joyfully croons. “Eatin’ all the chicken in my house.”

Later in the three-minute sketch, after mindless ditties about washing dinner plates (Kenan Thompson) and opening Amazon packages (Molly Kearney), Harrelson returns for a dramatic sendoff to a moldy piece of bread inspired by Adele’s megahit “Hello.”

“Hello, it’s bread/ I forgot that you were there and now you have to go be dead/ See you on the other side,” Harrelson impressively sings to the expired loaf before chucking it into the garbage can.

“Hello,” from the British songstress’ chart-topping third album, 25, spent 10 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2015.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: GabboT