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Vanessa Williams Confirms New Single + LP

Dancing into the next phase of her legendary stage, screen, and the music career, Vanessa Williams has launched Mellian Music.

Distributed by GoDigiPath, LLC, in association with ADA Worldwide (Warner Music Group’s independent label and artist services arm,) Williams’ company is a joint venture agreement with Mod Squad, LLC, and Steven C. Beer, who’s worked with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, has come on board as Vanessa’s strategic lawyer/management consultant.

About her new initiative, Williams said “What a joy it is to be making new music behind the mike again with old friends.” “There’s a certain comfort in creating new works in the studio while reminiscing about how so many years in this business have brought successes, excitement, and lasting memories. Always moving forward is what drives me. Every challenge is exciting. And more new music to share with my fans is the fuel that lights my fire.”

President, ADA Worldwide, Cat Kreidich, added “A true multi-hyphenate and savvy businesswoman, there’s not much Vanessa can’t do.” “We’re looking forward to supporting this exciting next chapter of her career, connecting her with fans who are eagerly awaiting her return to music, and introducing a whole new generation to the magic that is Vanessa Williams.”

Putting the finishing touches on her first non-seasonal LP in 15 years, the full length was executive produced by Mellian Music, Mod Squad, LLC, and Christopher Todd Hall, Mod Squad CEO, Tony Prendatt stated “This is an album that surrounds Vanessa’s vocal gifts and performances with stellar acoustic and electronic performances by real musicians, real writers, real producers; a real music album,” says “This album is for all genres. It will touch on all of Vanessa’s experiences in the Pop, R&B, Latin, Jazz, and Dance genres. Vanessa is re-introducing herself by her design; we’re all committed and excited to be a part of it.”

Co-written by Disney songwriter/producer Chantry Johnson, songwriter Kjersti Long; and songwriter/producer Kipper Jones, Williams first single is “Legs (Keep Dancing)” available in MSQ Stereo and Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio come April 26 on streaming platforms along with a feel-good music video that will premiere on her official YouTube channel on the same day. The original version of “Legs (Keep Dancing)” will be followed by two 808 BEACH (aka Bill `Peace Bisquit’ Coleman and John J-C Carr) remixes.

Senior VP Distribution, Operations, Sales, and Managing Partner of GoDigiPath, LLC, Leighton Singleton said “Earlier in my career, at PolyGram, I had the immeasurable honor to work Vanessa Williams’ releases in many positions.” “In my experience, then and now, she’s one of the most professional and talented individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of representing. On behalf of GoDigiPath, we are extremely happy to be associated with Vanessa Williams, her iconic multi-talented world-class artistry, and we are truly appreciative of her business acumen.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Angela George